Commercial law

Our Team of Solicitors will advise you in all types of Commercial matters. We will provide you with possible strategies to achieve outcome in every situation.

our firm has a successful record of:

  • Debt recoveries
  •  Acting in Bankruptcy and liquidation matters
  • Providing dispute resolution involving companies and individuals. 

Islamic Justice

Criminal Law

Our firm will assist you if you have been charged or being investigated for an offence. We can assist in providing you with advice in all areas of Criminal law including trafficking law, drink driving, drug offences, sexual offences, homicide and Intervention orders and breaches. 

Criminal law

Immigration Law

If you are applying for a visa or intend to apply for a visa to come or stay in Australia, M Joseph & Associates Solicitors can assist you in this matter. our friendly team of Immigration Agents who are resisted have advanced experienced and knowledge within the Immigration field. We can help you with:

  • assess your status for an Australian visa
  • determine to most suitable visa in your circumstances
  • provide you with advice of the requirements of the visa
  • prepare all your documents and representing you before the immigration office
  • dispute immigration decisions in court and tribunals


Family Law

Family law is a complex and often emotionally charged area of the law. Our experienced family law team offers a high level of legal expertise and an understating to your circumstances. we advise on :

  • children matters
  • Child support
  • divorce
  • Family violence
  • property matters 
  • Financial agreement
  • Superannuation agreements

Islamic Family

Property Law & Conveyancing

We provide advice and review contact of Sale of properties and Commercial transactions. Our firm can assist you with the following:

  • prepare Section 32 Vendor Statement 
  • obtain all required searches and certificates
  • settlements 
  • resolving contractual disputes