Islamic Family law

Moustafa Awad is a Muslim Lawyer who has extensive experience practicing Family Law in Australia as well as the necessary knowledge  pertaining to Islamic Family law (Sharia Law). He is able to assist clients by having an understating of Sharia application to Family law, as well as the Australian jurisdictional requirements.

Moustafa brad practice includes:

Islamic Marriage contracts

The marriage contracts (Nikah) is an incredibly important part of an Islamic Marriage and Moustafa will endeavor to negotiate the best possible contact for each spouse's needs.

Moustafa is adept at drafting and negotiating the Islamic Marriage contract in line with current Australian law and Islamic Principles to ensure you are protected by Australian law as well as Sharia Law.

Islamic divorce 

Moustafa understanding that Islamic divorce under Australian Law can be a complex matter. He dealt with Islamic divorce where the marriage has not been registered under Australian law and can advise families on their rights. He also advises on Islamic divorce when the marriage is registered under Australian Law. 

Islamic Financial Settlement 

Through any divorce a financial settlement must be met. Moustafa can advise you and support you through the process of splitting marital assets and coming to a financial settlement. 

A Muslim marriage conducted in Australia is not automatically recognized under Australian law. If you have chosen to have civil ceremony alongside the Nikah, Moustafa will be able to assist you in laying our a financial settlement for equal distribution of all assets under the Family Law Act 1975.

(Mehr Claims) Under Australian Law

As one of the essential elements of Nikah (Islamic Marriage Contract), the Mehr can pose some disputes. If you are in need of bringing a Mehr claim in order to dispute an element of the dowry, we can advise you on your rights under Australian law.

It could be that there is dispute over when the Mehr should be paid. The Mehr should either be paid immediately at the time of the Mikah, or at the specified time agreed upon by both parties. All terms should be clearly laid out in the financial agreement. 

International Muslim Families

Mousafa has extensive experience dealing with family matters concerning cross-border jurisdiction. We understand that families can extend across the world and with it comes complex legal expectations which must be adhered to with any family matter. Moustafa deals with Muslim marriage, divorce matters and foreign asset recovery, international enforcement of financial orders. 

Law of Muslim countries

Moustafa is well versed in the legislation which governs other countries of Muslim faith and can apply that knowledge to your case.

we have a wide range of services designed to support you in your martial matter. over time we have built up a network of Muslim marriage counselors who are well equipped at helping you and your spouse in the dealing with your concerns in a sensitive and professional manner.

our solicitors are positioned to assist you where you feel you have exhausted counselling, with a number of other services available including support mediation, providing advice on financial settlement, children and divorce.