VCAT and VOCAT Claims


Our team can assist you at the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal by attending the tribunal on your behalf or advising you in regards to your matter. In some cases you might not need a lawyer however it is advisable to seek advice in regards to preparing your matter to ensure that you present your matter in the best possible way.

Our firm aims at assisting you in this matter by advising you in regards to the legislation relevant to your matter and VCAT procedure. Our lawyers will guide you in what forms and documents as evidence will need to be prepared by you prior to your hearing.


If you have been a victim of a crime, lost a loved one to a crime or witnessed a crime, you may be entitled to make an application to the Victim of Crime Assistance Tribunal. Our team will assist you in the application process and liaise directly with the Tribunal on your behalf.

For a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers please call us on 0468871144.